July 2, 2014
Magdeburg, Germany

IQ Innovation-Award to HASOMED (Article only available in German)

June 5, 2014
Brussels, Belgium

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December 10 and 11, 2013
Brussels, Belgium

Review meeting and consortium meeting in Brussels

October 1-4, 2013
Montréal, Canada

Meet SENSE-PARK at the World Parkinson’s Congress:
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Patients Initiated Timeline Marking of Events in Parkinson's Disease: Visulalization of Time Correlation between Patients Marked Events and Acquired Data from Sensors
J. Artur Serrano, Andrea Thoms, Peter Weber

Technical and clinical view on ambulatory assessment in Parkinson’s disease
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Accelerometer-based quantitative analysis of axial nocturnal movement differentiates Parkinson’s disease patients but not high risk individuals from controls
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Using multi-dimensional dynamic time warping for TUG test instrumentation with inertial sensors
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TUG Test Instrumentation for Parkinson’s disease patients using Inertial Sensors and Dynamic Time Warping
M. Reyes Adame; A. Al-Jawad; M. Romanovas; M. A. Hobert; W. Maetzler; K. Möller; Y. Manoli

Quantitative wearable sensors for objective assessment of PD
accepted by Movement Disorders Journal
Walter Maetzler, Josefa Domingos, Karin Srulijesa, Joaquim J. Ferreira and Bastiaan R. Bloem

The Use of an Orientation Kalman Filter for the Static Postural Sway Analysis
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Emerging therapies for gait disability and balance impairment: promises and pitfalls
Walter Maetzler, Freek Nieuwhof, Sandra E. Hasmann and Bastiaan R. Bloem