Scoring Parkinson‘s

Test yourself

To demonstrate the complexities of measuring Parkinson’s we have developed a simple interactive game.
Here you will be able to see five videos that show Parkinson’s patients that have a bradykinesia score of 0,1,2,3 and 4, respectively.
The scoring system used ist the UPDRS, item 3.6.

After these videos there is an opportunity for you to score two videos yourself and compare your results with others that have taken part.

Bradykinesia Example for Score 0

Scoring Scale*: Bradykinesia

0No problems

1Any of the following:

a)the regular rythm is broken with one or two interruptions hesitations of the movement;

b)slight slowing;

c)the amplitude decrements midway in the sequence.

2Any of the following:

a)3 to 5 interruptions during the movements;

b)mid slowing

c)the amplitude decrements midway in the sequence.

3Any of the following:

a)more than 5 interruptions during the movement or at least one longer arrest (freeze) in ongoing movement;

b)moderate slowing

c)the amplitude decrements starting after the 1st supination-pronation sequence.

4Cannot or can only barely perform the task because of slowing, interruptions or decrements.